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Peace. Love. Light. Namaste.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga with Kristen on Sundays from 10:30-11:30am, starting September 9, 2018

Through extended time in each pose, Yin Yoga targets the deep connective tissues of the body (vs. the superficial tissues) such as the ligaments, bones, joints and the fascia that covers the body. Suitable for almost all levels of students, Yin Yoga is a perfect complement to the dynamic and muscular (yang) styles of yoga that emphasize internal heat and the lengthening and contracting of our muscles.

Yin offers a much deeper access to the body. It is not uncommon to see passive Yin postures held for three to five minutes, or longer. The majority of Yin poses will be done lying down, and often with the support of props.

Some of the benefits of Yin Yoga are:

Calming and balancing the mind and body

Regulates energy in the body

Increases mobility in the body, especially the joints and hips

Lowering of stress levels

Greater stamina

Better lubrication and protection of joints

More flexibility in joints & connective tissue

Release of fascia throughout the body

Deeper Relaxation

Better ability to sit for meditation

Drop-in for only $10, or use your regular yoga pass!