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Pilates Teacher Mentoring

We are very proud to offer our Pilates Teacher Mentoring program with Nanci Patch, our Balanced Body Master Trainer.Nanci

This intensive program is for anyone who aspires to a career in Pilates or who would like to deepen their understanding of Pilates, the 3Core Connections perspective, or of the body and movement in general.  Our capacity for growth certainly never ends, and this is an opportunity to work, with the assistance of a seasoned coach, toward greater awareness, perception, knowledge and breakthrough in your personal goals.   This program is fully customizable based on your needs, goals and desires.

We will work with you to set the timing and duration of your mentoring sessions for the year. The length of time is up to you, with a minimum mentoring of 5 days for the short study program.

Pilates Reformer Class Nanci To get started, you will complete a basic application, conduct a phone or live interview  with Nanci, and provide a history of your experience with Pilates work. Please submit an email requesting a spot in this program, telling us why you would like to pursue this journey, what your experience is with Pilates and/or teaching, and specifying which of the following programs you want to pursue.

There are two mentoring program options available:

  • Full Immersion Option – This option involves attendance of all Balanced Body modules or a Bridge Program if you have other training certifications. Mentoring can begin post-certification or in preparation for your test-out. This program option involves scheduled observation hours at our studio and private training sessions with Nanci to help deepen the work in your own body.  It will also include:
  1. Assigned reading and writing exercises.
  2. Teaching sessions with evaluation and coaching from Nanci for verbal and manual cueing.
  3. Personal life coaching in general, if you desire (via Skype, phone or email).
  • Short Study Option – This program option, which requires a minimum of 5 days of mentoring, is fully customizable based on your needs, goals and desires. Recommendations for the content of the Short Study option will be made according to your Pilates teacher training history and objectives.

For more information on this great program, just contact us!

For anyone who aspires to a career in Pilates!