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Peace. Love. Light. Namaste.

About Yoga

Yoga Figure Yoga is a 5,000 year old, ancient practice of uniting the body, breath, mind and spirit. Over these thousands of years, yoga has evolved from philosophical and awareness based practices to its more modern forms that involve enhanced physical benefits. There are many varieties of yoga that are practiced around the world. Some experts have estimated more than 200 different, distinct styles of yoga are currently in practice.

At Moksha Yoga & Pilates, we believe that the practice of yoga is available to everyone. Yoga is a non-competitive, non-judgmental practice.  Our goal is to create an environment where people of all ages and abilities can enjoy yoga in comfort andLotus safety.  Although all of our classes are open to beginners and advanced practitioners alike, each class on our schedule offers a different experience. Our yoga teachers offer multiple variations of each pose, so that each individual may "choose their own adventure" each day.

At 5,000 years old, it must be doing something right!

If you're visiting our studio for the first time, here a few suggestions for creating the optimum yoga experience:

  • Arrive Early: Please arrive 5 to 10 minutes prior to class.  This will give you time to sign in and settle in before class begins.Yoga Class Scene
  • Enter Mindfully: Our Pilates Room is located at the entrance of the studio; so as not to disrupt any Pilates class, please enter quietly, turn to your right and walk down the short hallway to reach the Yoga Room. If another yoga class is in session when you arrive, please honor your fellow practitioners and wait outside the yoga space until class has concluded.  Comfortable benches, water fountains, and restrooms are available in the foyer outside the studio; please make yourself at home.
  • Remove Shoes: It is a long-standing yoga tradition that practitioners should remove their shoes before entering a yoga space; so, please remove your shoes before entering our Yoga Room.  Shoes and other belongings may be placed on the red shelf (also known as our "Shoe Shrine") in the hallway at the entrance of the Yoga Room, or you can place your belongings on the floor along the wall in the Yoga Room.
  • Clothing, Mats and Props: Please wear comfortable clothing that allows for movement.  We encourage you to bring a water bottle and your own yoga mat. If you don't have a mat or forget yours, no worries.  We do have mats, as well as other yoga props, for your use at no charge while at the studio.
  • Notify us of Injuries/Conditions:  Please inform your instructor of any injury or physical condition that you feel may affect your practice.  This information allows us to better tailor our classes to meet your needs.  If in doubt whether a pose or exercise is appropriate for you, listen to your body and always feel free to ask us questions.
  • Restrooms/Changing Room:  Restrooms are located outside the studio in the building foyer.  If possible, please use the restroom before or after class.  We do realize that nature rarely calls on a set schedule, so always listen to your body.  Should you need to visit the restroom during class, please exit and enter the space quietly and mindfully.  The restrooms are nice and large, so feel free to use the restrooms as changing rooms.
  • Schedule Changes and Notices: While we aim to minimize changes to the yoga schedule, they do occur from time to time for various reasons. Our website schedule is always the most up-to-date source for weekly classes and special event information. As needed, we will post notices on our website homepage concerning class cancellations or changes due to holidays, weather, vacations and similar situations.
  • And Then, Just Enjoy:  Yoga is meant to move us towards greater happiness, peace and “moksha.” Through deepening our breath, our relationship to our bodies, and our overall awareness of ourselves and others, we begin to live life with more harmony and zest.  So go ahead, take a deep breath and have a little fun on your mat.